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Feet Length Feet Width
Cm Inches Cm Inches
     35       4      35       1.5 22.5 8.86 8.33 3.28
     36       5      36       2.5 23 9.02  8.51 3.35
     37       6      37       3.5 23.5 9.25  8.81 3.47
     38       7      38       4.5 24 9.45  8.99 3.54
     39       8      39       5.5 24.5 9.65  9.19 3.62
     40       9      40       6.5 25 9.84  9.37 3.69
     41      10      41       7.5 25.5 10.04  9.55 3.76
     42      11      42       8.5 26 10.24  9.75 3.84
     43      12      43       9.5 26.5 10.43  9.93 3.91
1.Please select a suitable size base on your foot length;
2.Once you know your foot length, consult the Size Chart to determine which size you should purchase. Some tags' UK/US size number may be different from our size chart's UK/US size number, please take our size chart as the standard reference.

The arla primrose is an athletic inspired, two strap sandal with a feminine design. Built with you in mind, these sandals feature cushion soft technology for unbelievable comfort. The sling-back hook and loop fastening makes them adjustable while providing a secure fit. The eva midsole makes the sandal ultra-lightweight and great for long walks, standing at sporting events or lounging at the beach.

#1 | Premium Quality | Confortable | Arch Suppport | Softsole
The Dr.Care Orthopedic Arch Support Reduces Pain Comfy Woman Sandals was designed by our team of podiatrists and orthopedists with one goal in mind: to correct your posture and give your body the best comfort! The Sandal corrects posture and eliminates muscle imbalances by moving angled toes back to its original position to realign skeleton positioning.
Dr.Care Orthopedic Arch Support Reduces Pain Comfy Woman Sandals are specially developed, designed by WINDOTOOL TEAM, with a three arch support design and a soft sole to keep your feet comfortable, health safe, and style on point!FootScientific Arches Specialty Orthotics

Is the joint pain making like frustrating? In most cases the problem is deep rooted at the base of your body: your feet. Having a weak imbalance can potentially lead to imbalances in the knees, hips and muscles


The Sandal corrects posture and eliminates muscle imbalances by balancing your feet at the perfect angle its original position to realign skeleton positioning.

Simply, slip them on and snug your feet in place around the toe clasp for enhanced support.

It's lightweight; but with a wedge design, you can walk more steadily & stand for hours without any strain or imbalance.

Velcro design for wide feet.

Its shoelaces can be flexibly resized and can fit most people's feet.Don't worry about putting it on too tight or too loose.

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