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The most elite galaxy projector of them all.

Our brand-new, meticulously crafted projection light is the functional and modern decor piece you’ve been missing. Forget your traditional, boring galaxy lights and prepare to blast off to the stratosphere with the Astrolite Supernova Galaxy Projector.

Featuring seven dynamic, out of this world nebula colors (plus supernova mode, which combines them all together), as well as a star projector. You can conveniently adjust the speed and brightness of both to your liking.

Our patented technology uses the most realistic, multi-depth starry sky and nebula effect of any projector to date. The deep visuals and clarity of the Astrolite are something you truly have to experience for yourself to appreciate. We guarantee it will have you counting down the minutes until sunset. 

We designed the Astrolite to be USB powered, making it easy to pack up your light to bring on the next camping trip, or light up your backyard for your next get-together. When you're ready to kick back - simply plug it into a USB wall cube, laptop, charging bank, or any other USB power source and you're on your way to the cosmos.

To create even further depth to it's effects, try combining the Astrolite with our Astrobot, StarVision, and Comet Light. When combined they will each manipulate each other in a pleasantly surprising way, opening up a portal to another dimension of lighting illusions. 😍

Even when you're not blowing your friend's minds with the entrancing lighting effects of the Astrolite, it serves as an alluring modern art figurine. You can easily remove the 3D Moon textured base, and adjust the arms and head at will to create personalized looks.

No matter whether you're young, old, a gamer, photographer, space lover, or just a daydreamer - the Astrolite will surely become a staple of your nightly routine, and a vibe you look forward to.

Product Details

  • Height - 8.9"
  • Weight - 1.45 lbs
  • Made from only the most high-quality, safe materials.
  • Emits no heat. 
  • USB power cord included.
  • Remote control included.
  • All products are packaged with protective foam, and reinforced packaging.

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