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Couple Smart Bracelet

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These love bracelets notify your loved one whenever you touch your own bracelet to let the person wearing the other bracelet know you are thinking of them. For example, if you're in California and your loved one is in Texas when you tap your bracelet theirs will light up letting them know that you are thinking of them & miss them!

  • Long-distance connection
  • Call notification
  • Menstrual Reminder (Female)
  • Custom alert
  • And So Much More...

When the bracelet is connected to the mobile phone, you can set various reminders so that we don't miss important information.

  • Call reminder
  • APP reminder
  • Calendar
  • 6 button batteries in each package, NO NEED TO CHARGE!

Connect by totwoo app, record every day you love

Unswerving love

Download the totwoo app from the App Store, Connect your beautiful love

Link your beloved, Share your beautiful moments together.

Connect and send totwoo love code each other by applying at least one jewelry.

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