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🔥Stainless Steel Grill Clamp

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🍗Double-sided stainless steel shovel clip

Easy cooking. This shovel clip helps a lot!

✨✨Enjoy your cooking with a double-sided, all-purpose stainless steel shovel clip. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is sturdy and durable. A multipurpose kitchen gadget you must have! 😘😘


Food material. Made of high quality, safe and environmentally friendly stainless steel material, high temperature resistance, never rust and reusable, easier to grill and precisely polished. You can keep these pliers for many years to come.

  • All in one design. It is not only a frying shovel but also a clamp/clip. It slices and scoops, sandwiches steaks and makes flipping easier. The special hollow design makes it easier for oil to escape and reduces excess oil. The wide-necked tongs are easy to grip, whether it's vegetables, a large steak or bread.

  • Easy to clean. Compared with other silicone clips, our shovel clip is environmentally friendly. It's super easy to clean even when covered in grease. It is a must for every family.

  • Compact size and light weight. It is easy to use and convenient to store, saving space by hanging.

  • Perfect for outdoor grilling or cooking in the kitchen. Use as cooking or grilling tongs. Works well for vegetable salad, pastry, bread clip, beef steak, roast steak and more.

Material: 304 stainless steel
Length: 26.2 cm (standard size)
Width: 7.3 cm

fish flipper 1

spatula chicken

Spatula tomato

Spatula slide

Package includes:

1 * Stainless steel double-sided shovel clip

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