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Long Distance Lamps (Set Of 2)

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Share your love with your loved ones, no matter how far they are. These beautiful lamps connect you with the special people in your life even when you’re apart.

The Long Distance Friendship Lamps are two-way touch lamps designed to bridge the gap between long-distance partners, grandparents and grandchildren, and dear friends. Flip them on from any distance to show someone you’re thinking of them, or connect with a friend from abroad. Touching either lamp turns both lamps on, introducing a sense of touch into a long-distance relationship.


  • One more way to stay connected from far
  • Long Distance Friendship lamps give you the chance to say “I miss you” to someone special. Utilizing a touch lamp’s capability, this unique gift idea allows you to send a virtual note of encouragement, appreciation, or love from across town or across the world using colors. You’ll be able to share an intimate moment with someone without them ever having to pick up the phone.

  • Easy to connect
  • They wirelessly connect over Wi-Fi, so they can be placed in any room you want. Just touch the lamp to change the paired lamp colors. When the lamp lights up in another color, it indicates that your loved one is thinking of you!

  • Gorgeous colors
  • If you prefer, you can create your own signature color or let your lamp choose a random color whenever you touch it. It is very easy to set each member of your Friendship Lamp group to have their own color. Once your lamp lights up a specific color, you will instantly know who is thinking about you!

  • Beautiful night lamp
  • Long Distance Friendship Lamps are a great way to stay connected with friends and family, while also brightening up the room. These lamps will be the centerpiece of your home. They’ll complement its style while adding a distinctive flair to any room or setting.

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