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Relief Lower Back Pain with Steel Supports and Heat Therapy

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LumbarMate™ was reviewed by The Bob & Brad Crew, associated with "Bob & Brad" The Most Famous Physical Therapists on the Internet (In their opinion of course).

LumbarMate™ is a 360 degree wrap around belt designed to provide compression for the lower back. It relieves lower back pain and improves stability with specially contoured lumbosacral steel and flexible support plates. These plates are removable and can be slotted into a back pocket built into the belt.

Lumbarmate comes with both steel and plastic support plates that are removable.


LumbarMate™ relieves lower back pain caused by

  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Strains and sprains
  • Osteoporosis
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Loose ligaments
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • And many other conditions
    Lumbarmate is recommended by chiropractors in relieving back pain.

    Watch Dr. Adam J. Story's review and demonstration of LumbarMate™


    LumbarMate is featured in Fox, NBC and more.


    The Steel Support Plates and Double Side Splints are contoured to follow the spine's curvature, adding stability to the lumbosacral region, preventing twisting movements that aggravate injury. Double pull tension straps pull the plate forward for a strong and firm support, correcting your posture, and relieving pain from pinched nerves.

    LumbarMate's Steel Support Plates and Double Side Splints are contoured to follow the spine's curvature, adding stability to the lumbosacral region, preventing twisting movements that aggravate injury.


    LumbarMate™ includes a removable self-heating tourmaline pad that provides hot compress therapy to improve blood circulation, allowing nutrients and oxygen to flow to joints and muscles. This helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and reduces back stiffness.

    Improved blood circulation from hot compress therapy


    LumbarMate™ keeps your back straight, prevents excessive bending, lifting and twisting movements, protecting you from injury.

    lumbarmate helps keep the back and posture straight


    LumbarMate™ is made of high strength, durable material, with a breathable mesh structure, allowing air to circulate, keeping you cool and sweat-free, even after hours of wearing.

    Lubarmate is made with soft, comfortable and breathable material.


    1. LumbarMate™ back brace
    2. Steel support plate and splints
    3. Flexible support plate and splints
    4. Self-heating pad
    5. Breathable mesh pocket pad
    6. Warm velvet pad
    LumbarMate package contents include steel supports, flexible plastic supports, a heat pad, a pocket mesh pad and a soft velvet pad.


    Wearing LumbarMate™ is easy. Simply follow the steps below, or you can watch a video demonstration.

    Image showing instructions on how to wear the Lumbarmate orthopedic back brace with steel supports and heat therapy..


    Comparison of LumbarMate to other back braces in the market.


    Measure around your abdomen using the diagram below, then refer to the sizing chart with your measurement. Remember to select the correct size before placing your order. Do not rely on your pants size or waist size as these may be inaccurate. If your measurement is at the upper boundary of a size range, please select the next bigger size. For example, if your measurement is 36 inches, please select 'large'.
    Image of how to correctly measure yourself before purchasing LumbarMate. 

     If your measurement is thisChoose this size
    27.5 - 31.8 inch / 69.9 - 80.7 cmS
    31.9 - 36.2 inch / 81.0 - 91.9 cmM
    36.3 - 40.6 inch / 92.2 - 103.2 cmL
    40.7 - 45.0 inch / 103.4 - 114.3 cmXL
    45.1 - 49.4 inch / 114.5 - 125.5 cm2XL
    49.5 - 53.9 inch / 125.7 - 136.9 cm3XL


    Q: How can LumbarMate™ help me with my back pain?
    A: LumbarMate™ has a steel plate for support. The plate is curved to follow the spinal curve. As you wear it, the plate pushes against your spine, keeping you straight. This posture reduces pain caused by pinched nerves. It also includes a self-heating pad to help reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.

    Q: How is LumbarMate™ different from the others found elsewhere?
    A: Back braces found elsewhere mostly lack any rigid support. Some may have soft plastic strips, which are ineffective. They also lack any heating function. Other belts may have inbuilt heat pads, but do not offer any support. LumbarMate™ offers the best of both worlds - a steel plate for lumbar support, as well as a heat pad for heat therapy. Both of them are removable, so you may wear the belt in any configuration.

    Q: Is it machine washable?
    A: Do not wash with a washing machine. Remove all the pads and steel plates, then wash with warm water and soap, and air dry.


    • US, UK, CA, AU, NZ : Approx. 7-15 business days
    • Other countries: Approx. 12-25 business days


    • Avoid wearing directly on skin
    • If heat becomes unbearable, please remove belt
    • This is not a corset or waist trainer. Do not pull so tight until it hurts
    • Do not wear for prolonged periods
    • Do not wear while sleeping or when pregnant
    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, secure ordering and 24/7 customer support.

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