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Moving Inkblot Mask

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HERE IT IS ... ... the best animated Rorschach inkblot mask you will find!

The Original Moving Rorschach Inkblot Mask is perfect for a wide range of creepy costume ideas, character cosplays or social hijinks! No special effects needed. Your warm breath fades the ink to transparent; cool air darkens it to produce a moving effect. What you see is what you'll get! A little practice goes a long way. The patterns are made using nontoxic, 100% safe thermochromic ink that reacts to your breath. So you control the effect! It simulates the animation of the inkblot amazingly as seen in our product and customer videos.

Real Moving Inkblots

First developed by us in 2009, these are the only masks on the market that react to the heat of your breath! The mask uses a special ink to simulate endlessly changing inkblots depending on how you direct your airflow.

How It Works

Exhaling warm breath fades the ink to transparent, while inhaling cool air darkens it to produce a moving effect. By controlling the direction of your breath, you can manipulate it in different areas. The effect is most apparent in temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.


Key Features

• Spandex-blend hood conforms to your face without revealing your features.

• Vision can be limited similar to wearing sunglasses indoors.

• One size fits all.

• Hand clean only. Cold water. Do not bleach. Dry flat. Do not iron.

Health disclaimers
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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