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WiFi Smart Wake Up Light&Clock

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The gentle sunrise refreshes your spirits and frees your hands easily in a smarter way!

Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock
Set the light with brightness of 0-20 levels to go on slowly  from 10-60 minutes before the alarm rings

Sunset Simulation
The light brightness will slowly turn from the preset brightness level to darkness according to the environment brightness
7 Wake up sounds with FM Radio
Wake up from your favorite sound with comfort

Set 4 Alarm Clocks Separately
with customized workday and weekend mode
"Snooze" function with 8~15 miuntes optional

7 Colors of Atmosphere Lights Optional
Easily adjust and choose color to cater for different needs

Wireless Remote Control
Intelligently transform you wake up
Light into a smart one of the 2nd generation design

Hands-Free Voice Control
Work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant

Group Control
Individually control / group control are available

Detail Overview

Package Listing:
1*wake-up light clock
1*user manual
1*USB cable

1.Q: Does this clock get completely dark at night except for the time? Or does it have glow that may keep some people awake?
A: Yes, the brightness of the clock is adjustable and can be turned off at night. The new 2nd generation clock even allows automatic adjustment of the brightness according to the surrounding brightness.

2.Q: Can I make the wake-up light go completely dark?
A: Yes, there is an option to dim or turn off the light for the clock display. You are able to smartly set on your smart phone after you add it to your smart life app account.

3.Q: Can I charge my phone with the clock?
A: Yes, there is a USB port on the back with 5V 2A for you to charge your phone conveniently.

4.Q: How does this specially differ from the other wake-up lights ? Does it have any new features or functions than others?
A: Our new 2nd generation is a smart one redesigned with much more features than the old one. Especially all the functions of it can be configured in the Smart Life App to control it with more convenience. It even attaches more consideration to the actual needs of people and avoids many drawbacks of the original one to leave a more enjoyable using experience to your smart life.

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